Year 6 are taught by Mrs Guyett-Smith, Mr Merrifield & Mrs Toone

Mrs Draper, Miss Mason and Mrs Scott are our Year 6 Teaching Assistants and Mrs McDermott is our Learning Mentor (LAPS Team).

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Below is an learning overview of each term. 


SATs – working with the school to help your child


Spring Term 2021

Worldwide Wonders

Across the oceans, discovering wonders of the world, our Year 6 explorers will come across many challenges and theories. Meeting the mysterious Kensuke and following Michael on his epic survival journey, will give them an appetite for future discoveries, quests and the creation of technical documents. Through the art of literacy investigations, Year 6 children will endeavour to design their own island and create information text on its evolution. Be prepared for these extraordinary experiences to venture home in the form of Watch Hill Wonders, Pester your Parent quizzes and survival in the wild constructions.

The awesome adventures never end in Year 6, as towards the end of the half term there will be challenges from the Darwin’s theories on the concepts of evolution, using their scientific skills to untangle the challenges set through outdoor challenges as well as survival in our ever-changing world. 

With their GSTEM and all inspiring talents, the children will be confronted with tasks from the discovering new concepts and ideas through Lego Spike Primes, designing survival equipment through our Dragon’s Den challenge and researching the effects that global warming on our natural environment.

Local field trips will enable Year 6 to investigate how our local coastline has changed and how this is managed. They will be carrying out comparisons to other local beaches and raising questions on the differences.

This term Year 6 will be immersed in a mind exploding adventures that will be talked about for many years to come.

Summer Term 2021

Final Frontier

The accumulation of all personal learning and challenges that have been tackled across the years at Gomer, will support Year 6 in the final mission in growing their new academic wings flying into KS3 later on in the year. Awesome energy will be geared towards the May Mission, just one of the stepping stones encountered this term on the collection of their wing feathers. To support personal development, pupil’s will be learning about: the circulatory system, nutrition within food types and how this affects your body, fitness and designing their own workouts, as well as nutritional meals – Joe Wicks style.

Zooming back to 2600 BC, Year 6 will be submerged within Maya civilization comparing life to that of modern day Britain, identifying the influential attributes that this ancient civilisation offered to the foundations of modern day living. Through the use of Computer Aided Design (CAD), pupils will be recreating their own interpretation of Maya architecture with a modern day twist.

Jumping forward approximately 4000 years, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein will be studied through the form of a graphic novel. As part of the collection of the pupils transitional feathers, they will be developing their skills within balanced arguments, re-creating monstrous monsters and working out mathematical challenges to support Frankenstein’s creator in his laboratory.

With full plumage that has been preened to that of the Gomer standard, each pupil will be ready to depart on their new academic journey.