Children are welcome to bring a packed lunch to school or order a school lunch which is charged at £2.50 and to be paid for via the Arbor portal. Our school lunches are provided in house through GFM Catering. We have two options, available daily, for the children: a Munch Box or a plated meal.

Munch Box and Plated Meal Menu

Working on a three week cycle our Munch Boxes change weekly. For the Summer Term, we continue to use Munch Boxes, rather than plates, to facilitate children eating in their different Bubbles. However, the menu includes some of the options you would have seen on our plated menu. We may look to including a plated and Munch Box Menu from September 2021. Please do check the date at the top of the menu to ensure you are looking at the right week.

Summer Term 1 Munch Box Menus:


What a Munch Box looks like:

Packed Lunch

If providing food from home, we encourage children to have a healthy packed lunch which might include a sandwich/roll/pasta/samosa, alongside some crisps/popcorn, vegetable sticks or fruit and a sweet treat if you like e.g. yoghurt or biscuit. Please also include a drink in your child’s packed lunch. All packed lunches are stored on a trolley which is  moved to the school hall. You may like to add an ice-block to the lunch-box to help keep the lunch cool. Children will then either eat their lunch outside in our picnic area, the school hall or the classroom. The lunch team work hard to encourage the children to eat as much lunch as possible. Rubbish, other than mucky yoghurt waste, is sent home to enable you to recycle it and/or see what your child or has not eaten.