Chief Executive of GFM

Mr Ian Potter

Gomer Junior School Leaders

Executive Head Teacher of GFM Primary Phase: Mrs G Mulhall

Associate Head Teacher: Mrs K Digby

Mrs Mulhall is our DSL and Mrs Digby is our SEND Leader – contact details

Senior Management Team

Mrs Wilden – Pastoral and Inclusions Leader & Designated Teacher for CiC
Mrs S Toone – Upper School Phase Leader
Mrs L Wheal – Lower School Phase Leader

Admin Officer: Mrs M Austin
Admin Support: Mrs M Kidd and Mrs S Prince

Year 3 Team:
Miss Chapman Mrs Carre (mornings only)
Mrs Thurston – Computing Leader – currently on maternity leave
Mrs L Wheal (Lower School Phase Leader) – Art and DT Leader

Year 4 Team:
Miss L Fry – SMSC and PSHCE Leader
Mrs V Wilden – PE and Inclusion Leader

Year 5 Team:
Mrs E Gardner – Service Club and MfL Leader
Miss R Ingram – History Leader

Year 6 Team:
Mrs H Guyett-Smith (mornings only)
Mr A Merrifield
Mrs Toone – English Leader

PPA Cover & NQT Release: Mrs L Carré  – RE Leader
Teaching Associate Manager: Mrs S Mawby
Librarian: Mrs M Kidd

Learning Mentors – Learning and Pastoral Support Team (LAPS)
Y3: Mrs L Arnold
Y4: Mrs Stevens
Y5: Miss Hannaway
Y6: Mrs E McDermott

EHCP Teaching Assistants
Miss K Mason
Mrs S Prince
Mrs A Rutherford
Mrs J Scott

Teaching Assistants
Mrs K Draper (Apprentice)
Miss K Lawson (Apprentice)
Mrs L Lethbridge (First Aider)
Miss S Lines
Ms L Marsh

Systems: Mr L Mulhall
Technician: Mr K Sparrow

Lunchtime Team
Mrs L Arnold
Mrs K Draper
Mrs T Elgie (Senior Lunchtime Supervisor)
Miss L Hanaway
Miss K Lawson
Mrs L Lethbridge (First Aid)
Miss S Lines (First Aid)
Ms L Marsh
Mrs E McDermott
Mrs S Prince – Service Club Leader on Fridays
Mrs A Rutherford
Mrs V Stevens

Ms G Kimber
Mrs T Elgie
Miss S Lines

Site Assistant: Mr K Wilkins

Cleaning Team:
Mrs T Hayward
Mrs C Maclellan