Gomer Junior School Leaders

Executive Head Teacher of GFM Primary Phase: Mrs G Mulhall

Associate Head Teacher: Mrs K Digby

Assistant Head Teacher: Mrs V Wilden

Proud to be working in partnership with our leadership colleagues at Rowner Junior School.

Mrs Mulhall is our DSL and Mrs Digby and Mrs Wilden are our DDSL. Mrs Digby is also our SEND Leader – contact details

Admin Officer: Mrs M Austin
Admin Support: Mrs M Kidd, Miss K Lawson and Mrs S Prince

Year 3 Team:
Mrs Bateman (Shadow English Leader) and Mrs E Gardner (Music Leader)

Year 4 Team:
Mrs V Wilden – PE and Inclusion Leader, Mrs Lovisetto (afternoons) and Mrs L Wheal (Lower School Phase Leader) – Art and DT Leader

Year 5 Team:
Mrs Carre (W) – RE Leader and Mrs L Fry – PSHCE Leader
Mrs Thurston (M, T, Th & F)– Computing Leader

Year 6 Team:
Mrs H Guyett-Smith (mornings only) – Maths Leader, Miss R Ingram (Upper School Leader) – History Leader and Mr A Merrifield – Science Leader

PPA Cover: Mrs L Carré  – RE Leader
Teaching Associate Manager: Mrs S Mawby
Librarian: Mrs M Kidd

Learning Mentors – Learning and Pastoral Support Team 
 Mrs E McDermott
Y4: Mrs L Arnold
Y5: Mrs V Stevens
Y6: Miss L Hannaway

Teaching Assistants
Y3: Mrs K Draper, Ms D Hall, Miss K Mason & Mrs A Rutherford
Y4: Mrs J Flannigan (Service Club Leader on Tuesdays), Miss Gail Kimber, Miss Lines, Mrs S Prince
Y5: Miss C Devin s & Mrs L Lethbridge
Y6: Miss K Lawson, Mrs J Scott & Mrs S Warner (maternity leave)

IT Systems: Mr L Mulhall

GClub: Ms G Kimber (GClub Leader), Miss C Devin & Miss S Lines

Site Assistant: Mr M Guest

Catering Team: Rickard Gustafsson and Tiare Elgie

Cleaning Team: Miss T Elgie, Mrs T Hayward & Mrs C Maclellan