Welcome to Year 4

Mrs Lovisetto, Mrs Wheal and Mrs Wilden are our Year 4 teachers.

Mrs Lethbridge, Miss Lines and Mrs Prince are our Year 4 Teaching Assistants and Mrs Arnold is our Learning Mentor (LAPS Team).

Home Learning  is provided and to be returned via your child’s Google Classroom. If you need to contact the team please email: Y4@gomerjuniorschool.co.uk

Curriculum Overview for the year:


Summer Term 2022

Welcome back! We hope you enjoyed your Easter Break. The Year 4 team is excited for a fun filled  Summer Term. 

In Literacy, we will be further exploring genres of fiction and non-fiction writing. The children will be developing their persuasive writing skills, writing newspaper reports and creating their own play scripts. We will continue reading our gReaders (Alex Rider – Point Blanc) and enjoy The BFG in our Guided Reading lessons. 

In Maths this term, we will be continuing with learning about decimals. We will also be covering our next unit of measure topic (money) as well as exploring time. Children will be encouraged to continue their fantastic practice, both at home and school, on Times Table Rockstars and Hit the Button, for the Multiplication Tables Check in June. After May half term, we will be focusing on properties of shape and position and direction, where we hope to use the outdoor space.

Science this term sees us exploring sound and living things and habitat classification. This will link closely with our gSTEM and computing as we use programming to create our LEGO models and wind power machines.

To conclude our Gosport Now and Then project, we will explore local connections to Victorian history and pupils will experience a day in the Victorian classroom. Then, Geography, Design Technology and Languages will become intertwined this term as we move on to our Europe topic. The Jubillee Celebration will encourage our children to be creative and work collaboratively, through various activities planned. 

PE this term is full of adventure as we continue to make use of our wonderful school grounds to enjoy outdoor orienteering activities. These activities promote team building, problem solving and navigation skills as well as being a good way for children to develop self confidence. We are also excited to be attending swimming lessons at Brune Park swimming pool – so get you swimmers ready!

In Art, we will be learning about famous Spanish artists and the work they created. We wonder who will inspire us most in creating our own pieces of art this term! 

We will continue to celebrate our mistakes and develop our growth mindset this term, with a continued focus on wellbeing. In line with our PDL and RSE curriculum, we will be discussing the Flower by John Light and A crayon’s story by Michael Hall. They will be used to introduce discussion on why people sometimes don’t speak up and feel proud of who they are and to build an understanding of what stereotypes are and why self respect is so important for our own happiness. 

This term will also include an introduction to growing up and changing bodies. We will discuss the changes we go through when going from being a child to an adult (puberty). This unit will focus on recognising that change is a natural part of growing up. We will discuss physical changes, how these differ for boys and girls and learn the scientific vocabulary to enable these discussions. 

Spring Term 2022

We hope you all had a safe and happy break. The Year 4 team is excited for all that we have going on this Spring Term. 

In Literacy, we will be developing our descriptive language and use of higher level vocabulary through story writing, creating our very own adventure texts! We will then explore and have a go at creating some emotive narrative poetry.

In Art, we will be using pastels, learning different techniques such as blending and layering. 

Using these techniques as well as drawing using charcoal, children will create scenes and characters for their adventure stories. 

In Maths this term we will be covering our second topic on Measure, this time focusing on area.. We will also be exploring Fractions and Decimals as well as maintaining a strong focus on Multiplication and Division. The children are making fantastic use of TImes Table Rockstars and have developed some healthy competition which will be great for the new tournament running from  January up until February half term. Keep up the good practice everyone!

We will be concluding our Living Things Science topic this term, linking what we have learned so far with a couple of gSTEM projects – including The Ultimate STEM Challenge which will encourage children to think about the impacts humans have on the environment. Following this unit of work the children will carry out various experiments and investigations to learn about changing states of matter. 

Geography and History come together in our Local History Project this term where we will learn about Gosport and it’s rich history. Children will locate Gosport on a map and locate countries and cities around it. They will explore key landmarks and look at how Gosport has changed through the years. They will consider key events and how they have impacted on life in Gosport today. Children will then get a chance to show off what they have learnt by creating a Local History Presentation in their computing lessons. 

PE this term is full of adventure as we make use of our wonderful school grounds to enjoy outdoor orienteering activities, invasion games and gymnastics. These activities promote team building, problem solving and navigation skills as well as being a good way for children to develop self confidence.

PSHE this term will see us celebrating our mistakes and developing our growth mindset so that we can recognise our own strengths. We will continue to discuss our emotions and the importance of relaxation and looking after our mental health including learning about loss and bereavement and how we can support and help those experiencing it. We will also continue to learn about our diverse society, including different families. The story of King and King by Linda de Hann and Stern Nijland will be read and used as a discussion point so that we can develop our understanding of what marriage and civil partnerships are. This links in with our RE topic for this term that looks at Mahashivaratri (devotion). 

The Year 4 team are really looking forward to another fun filled term. If you have any questions or other enquiries relating to any of the above then please do not hesitate to email the Y4 Team.

Autumn Term 2021

Coming soon….