Welcome to our Service Families page. Here you will be able to find information about our Service Club and events which we will be holding, as well as keeping you up to date with the latest news from our Bears on Deployment. The information below regarding the use of Service Premium expenditure and impact can be found at: https://gomer.gfmat.org/our-school/service-premium/

Support for Children who are from Service Families

Miss Dee Hall is the representative for our Service Families. Should you need to contact her please pop in to see her, telephone or use email: dhall@gomer.gfmat.org Additionally, Mrs Vicky Wilden, our Children and Families Leader has an over-view of pastoral provision, provided by the LAPS Team, for children who are from Service Families. Due to her currently being on Maternity Leave, please contact our Assistant Headteacher, Miss Kate Tuckley.

Childcare Funding

Finding suitable childcare for your children can be tricky, but there are lots of ways to help you find different types of childcare in your area.  Gomer Junior do have a brilliant breakfast and after school club called GClub. For information about how you can access funding for this childcare, please visit here.

Service Club

Miss Hall hosts our weekly Service Club on a Tuesday afternoon after school. Miss Devin, when required, supports the facilitation of the club too. The children participate in a variety of activity. Here is a snapshot of what they have been up to:

July: Party, party, party. A time to celebrate our super community.
June: Ben showed off his fabulous archery skills.
May: We have played a variety of games, crafting for Mothers Day, spent some time outside on the GMG and generally been having a lot of fun.
April: April was the month of celebrating the military child. We discussed this and all children were given a certificate to thank them for their resilience and understanding towards how difficult their lives can be at times when their parent/carer has to go away with work, sometimes for long periods of time. At Easter we watched an Easter themed movie and the children were each given an Easter egg. 
March: The children loved their pancakes for Shrove Tuesday. They ate them far quicker than they made them! We have played a variety of games, crafting for Mothers Day, spent some time outside on the GMG and generally been having a lot of fun.

Sailors Children’s Society: Providing help & support to children of seafarers for almost 200 years. http://www.sailorschildren.org.uk/

Termly Enrichment

We aim to host a termly enrichment activity for our children from Service Families. We have visited to places such as Rock Up, HMS Iron Duke and attended Bauble workshops, Christmas and summer gatherings with other local schools.  Furthermore,  Service Children are provided an additional session on the Gomer Multi-Gym (GMG) which was funded by the MOD. We aim to provided a variety of nurture opportunities for our children in the Service Club.

In this academic year 2019-2020, so far the the Service Club have:

  • played a key part in our Remembrance Assembly
  • enjoyed a a bauble workshop and lunch – some parents were free to join us
  • attended a family evening at Monkey Bizness
  • had the opportunity to use our new LEGO kits – Boomtown Build and Spike Prime

Remembrance 2021

The whole school gathered on 11.11.21 with some of our Service Families. Meeting outside is very poignant and allows us to listen to nature and the canons in the distance. The gathering, in which the whole community attended (some in their uniforms) enabled us to reflect and remember. We were very pleased to be joined by some of our service families who supported our time of remembrance by reading poems and presenting our wreath. During our time of reflection the school took time to pause,  reflect and remember. A tribute was made to all our families, past and present who have serving armed forces personnel; in particular, those who are currently on deployment.

Bear on Deployment

If you are going to be deployed, please let us know. Do you have an e mail address that we could have whilst you are away? This would be really useful, as your child will be able to keep in touch during service club held every Tuesday after school. The club is hosted by Mrs Flannagan. Covid has restricted Bears being on deployment so we’d love to hear from you. We can make arrangements for them to communicate at other times too. You may also like to take Booty Bear, Jack Bear or Marine Bear on deployment with you so that they can keep us posted of their travels.

Jack Bear went to sea in December 2017 – what the video that Lilly’s Dad made
Booty Bear’s Deployment Update – 8 February 2016
We went to America to do some work with the U.S. Marine Corps in a place called Camp Lejuene which is in the state of North Carolina.  We went to many different areas to see how the U.S. Marines plan and carry out their operations. I saw tanks, helicopters large trucks and medical facilities, this made Anya’s dad really excited.  It wasn’t all work though, we managed to go on a road trip to Washington DC, the Capitol of the United States. This was really interesting, the city has lots of monuments and museums, it is also the home of the President of the USA, so I had my photo taken outside of the White House. I also went to watch a Basketball match which was cool. I then visited several of the Smithsonian museums which some of the school might have seen in the film night at the museum! America is a very large country, every state in America can fit the United Kingdom inside it, so Anya’s dad had to do a lot of driving. Overall it was an excellent trip, hopefully I will get the opportunity to go somewhere else next time.
I have listed all the places I have visted in The US: Washington DC, Charlotte NC, Jacksonville NC, Quantico VA, Wilmington NC and Camp Lejuene.
kind regards
Booty Bear

Jack’s Latest Adventures
(09.11.2015) Jack Bear is on his way home after an enjoyable stay at the Al Udeid Airforce base in Qatar. He has been away with Oliver’s Dad. He visited us as we sorted out all the computers, radios, satellite dishes and other communications systems for British forces in the Middle East.  The base is also the hub for coalition air operations throughout the region and he got to watch everything from US carrier aircraft to British predator drones at work in the main Operations Room.  We have people here from all over including America, Spain, France, Canada, Denmark, Turkey, Australia and New Zealand.  I think Jack met most of them! He also helped us ship stuff out to all kinds of hot and dusty places including:

  • Iraq
  • Kuwait
  • Jordan
  • Turkey
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Bahrain
  •  Oman

Sadly, we couldn’t take pictures of Jack in most of the really interesting places he visited as they are rather secret.  However, we did manage to get a few snaps outside in the 40C heat of the desert:
#42 Jack Bear on a blast wall; these pre formed concrete blocks are used as instant walls/fences and are all over the place.
#43 Jack Bear with a Satellite Dish – one of the cunning devices we use to do stuff like send this email.
#44 ditto
#45 Jack Bear at the Flags – the British element here is lead by the RAF and their flag flies by the gate alongside the Union Jack.
#46 Jack Bear at the flightline – in the background are two giant C17 transporter aircraft.
#47 Jack Bear in a bush – this bush is called Groot and he lives on the shady benches we built out the back of the building.  We have to water him about 3 times a day as it is so hot!
Hope Jack makes it back ok and has more adventures soon!

(10.6.2015) I’m home! Sorry I haven’t been in touch for a while but I have been getting used to having my paws on dry land again.
Thank you very much to Campbell’s dad for a fantastic experience, and I am proud to say that I now have a medal to wear on my uniform for taking part in Operation Kipion. I hope to serve my country again in the future and who knows, I may even get another medal.
Well that’s all from me for now, I shall be in touch again with details of another adventure. (Does anybody want a companion for their deployment. One very interested bear awaits your invitation).

(23.3.2015) :- Hi , Jack Bear here, just a quick update on what I have been doing since I last wrote. We sailed from Bahrain and spent a week at sea supporting the US carrier Carl Vinson. After that we went to Kuwait and you’ll never guess what I met Prince Charles and the First Sea Lord!!!! How lucky am I? I also got the chance to visit one of the largest shopping centres in the Gulf and United Arab Emirates, they even had an IKEA, but best of all they had a big toy shop and I got to look around. We sailed again and spent the next two weeks in Defence Watches before arriving in Dubai. We are here for a couple of weeks and Campbell’s dad says that we are going to do loads of fun things including snow boarding. I am so excited. Just to finish off, I am very lucky one of the other people on the ship has a bear too, so I have a friend! Well lots to do so must dash, I will write again as soon as I can. Jack Bear x
Jack’s previous letter: Jack the bear here, letting you know how I’m getting on. We set sail from Portsmouth Naval Base on 2nd January and headed out to sea. I got the chance to stand on deck as we left harbour and wave to Campbell and his Mum.
We sailed from Portsmouth and crossed the channel, went through the Bay of Biscay (this bit was rough and I felt a bit sea sick!). Then we headed into the Mediterranean Sea and conducted exercises and training before going through the Suez Canal (that was brilliant). We arrived later in the Gulf Sea and I was able to go ashore in Bahrain (I have so many stories to tell, I visited the American Naval Base where I was able to Skype Campbell for the first time, as well as the British Club. I even went to the formula 1 track where I sat in one of the cars. How cool is that!).We sailed again and I was keeping watches alongside Campbell’s Dad, 12 hours on and 12 hours off (very tiring). Everybody on the ship has a very important job to do and mine is to make sure that Campbell’s dad wakes up on time and is always in the right place when he should be (I am very proud of this job, what a responsibility!). Well that’s all for now, I’ll send you an update as soon as I can, meanwhile, make sure you all keep working as hard as you can and I look forward to catching up with all your news when I get back. Jack the Bear, x.