Pupil Premium: 2020-2021


To ensure the school is allocating Pupil Premium to aid the attainment of our pupils we use a three tiered approach that is based on existing evidence about the effectiveness of different strategies : 

Tier 1: High quality for teaching and learning; 

  • Clear focus on quality first teaching
  • Collect and analyse data on groups and individual pupils to identify and address main barriers to learning.  These are monitored at regular Learning Reviews
  • Professional learning enables staff to understand how children learn and retain their learning, as well as providing models of good practice for all. 
  • Collaboration across the key stages ensures that pupils have the necessary support in place at the start of their next learning journey. 

Tier 2: Targeted support through specific interventions linked to overcoming barriers to learning 

  • Interventions are put in place when progress has slowed.  These cover both academic as well as emotional and social targeted interventions. 

Tier 3: Wider strategies to support pupils that experience socio-economic disadvantage

  • Rigorous approaches are implemented to ensure that attendance does not become a barrier for pupils.
  • Pupils emotional wellbeing and mental health is supported and effectively managed.  
  • Aspiration and ambition for our pupils is an integral part of the curriculum offer they receive. 

Our whole staff approach enables all stakeholders to understand and implement the strategies being used and secures staff commitment to the importance of the pupil premium agenda. 

To check if your child is eligible for free school meals and to sign up if you are, click here and click on ‘I would like to check for free school meal eligibility’. You will be asked to input your national insurance number and date of birth. This is an easy online service that will give you a quick answer to see if your child is eligible.

Pupil Premium 2019 / 2020

The information below outlines how Pupil Premium was spent in 2019/2020 and details regarding its impact.


GFM Primary Phase Strategy: 2019-2022


GFM Three Year Strategy