Year 5 are taught by Mrs Gardner and Mrs Wilden

Autumn Term 2020

As soon as Year 5 are back at school we will be jetting off to the delights of South and North America. ‘The Explorer’ by Kathrine Rundell will form the basis for all of our Guided Reading, Writing and Topic. We will learn how to answer questions from the text in full sentences and using the method of PEE – making the point and providing evidence to support our answers. For the first half term we will be focusing our attention on South America and learning all about climate, location and culture with a detailed study of the Amazon rainforest. This will provide us with the knowledge to write our own adventure stories as well as a fact file on Favelas. Whilst we are writing this we will be learning and embedding a number of different SPAG skills and learning how to use these in our writing. In the second half of the term we will be whisking our way to North America and learn about native American tribes, old and new. In literacy we will create in depth newspaper reports as well as explore diary writing and poetry with a festive theme.  

The Mathematics focus begins with numbers and truly understanding what numbers mean and represent. We will begin the year looking at Place Value and what each digit in a number represents. Once we understand this we will find all other aspects fall quite quickly into place. From here we will move into looking at the four operations. Maths on a Friday will be focused on consolidating our knowledge in a weekly arithmetic paper. After half term we will be studying statistics and the learning journey focuses on interpreting graphs and charts, representing data on a line graph and extracting information from timetables in real life scenarios, such as bus or ferry timetables. 

‘To infinity and beyond’…. Science begins with our Earth and Space theme. During these super sessions we will be increasing our knowledge of our solar system. We will investigate the movement of the Moon relative to the Earth, explore different theorists and use the idea of the Earth’s rotation to explain day and night and the apparent movement of the Sun across the sky.  STEM begins with us using the information from Practical Action. We will be looking at Fair Trade and the use of solar drying, tying in to the South American topic and produce found native to the land. We will then apply our engineering Habits of Mind to finding a solution as to how the local people can preserve food. Plans will be analyzed, evaluated and adjusted based on feedback. Once a suitable solution has been found, scaled models can be made to establish if they truly work. The second half of the term we will also explore Properties and Changes of Materials. We will be comparing everyday materials, investigate changes – building on our prior knowledge from Year 4  and explain that some changes are non- reversible. This will all be done in a variety of practical ways ending with a gSTEM project. 

PE is all about collaboration, teamwork and fairplay . These skills will be established through our sporting activities and then applied to all other aspects of learning. This will be taught through netball and multisports.

Musically  in the first half of term we will explore the genre or Rock. We will be looking at major turning points and influences with our main focus song ‘ Livin on a Prayer’. We will also explore the different beats and key notes within the music, extend our pitch skills and learn to sing more complex songs,  creating a Year 5 band. The second half of term we will explore Jazz and learn about the interrelated dimensions of music through playing instruments and Improvising. All of this exciting and new material will come from our new music support platform Charanga. 

Computing in the Autumn term sees Year 5 greater deepen their understanding of core computing skills and investigate Websites and how they are made, concluding in critiquing and creating their own. With these important skills developing and embedding we will now have confidence in producing google slides, word documents, adding pictures and graphs to pages and using shortcut keys to aid speed. 

During our art sessions we will explore the Mexican surrealist artist Freda Kahlo. We will use her style and apply this to our own self portraits. Not only will we look at proportions, tones and textures we will add in the background in ‘Kahlo’ style using bold representations of our lives.