Year 5 are taught by Mrs Fry and Mrs Thurston

Mrs Lethbridge is our Year 5 Teaching Assistant and Miss Hannaway is our Learning Mentor (LAPS Team).

Home Learning  is provided and to be returned via your child’s Google Classroom. If you need to contact the team please email:

Curriculum Overview for the year.


Autumn Term 2021

The Year 5 team is excited to start the term with a trip to Stubbington study centre! The pupils will take part in a variety of activities during their stay, ranging from team building to problem solving to animal tracking. What an adventure we will have to kickstart a fantastic year!

Once back from Stubbington, we will be exploring the delights of South and North America. ‘The Explorer’ by Kathrine Rundell will form the basis for all of our Guided Reading, Writing and Topic work. For the first half term we will be focusing on South America and learning all about climate zones, mountain ranges and culture whilst also carrying out a detailed study of the Amazon rainforest. This will provide us with the knowledge to write our own adventure stories and fact files. In the second half of the term we will be making our way to North America to learn about native American tribes, old and new. We will use what we learn to create in-depth newspaper reports and explore diary writing.

The Mathematics focus begins with numbers and truly understanding what numbers mean and represent. We will begin the year looking at Place Value and what each digit in a number represents. A good understanding of place value is a good foundation for our mathematical learning.  From here we will move into looking at strategies for the four operations. Maths on a Friday will be focused on consolidating our knowledge in a weekly arithmetic paper and times table challenge. After half term we will be studying statistics and the learning journey focuses on interpreting graphs and charts, representing data on a line graph and extracting information from timetables in real life scenarios, such as bus or ferry timetables. We will also be practising and consolidating our multiplication and division skills by revisiting our times tables and solving problems involving them. 

Science this term begins with our ‘Living Things’ topic. During these sessions we will be increasing our knowledge and understanding of different animals (including humans). We will investigate different life cycles and explore various habitats. We will draw upon some of our experiences from Stubbington to support our learning in Science. 

PE is all about collaboration, teamwork and fairplay . These skills will be established through our sporting activities and then applied to all other aspects of learning. In the Autumn term this will be taught through a variety of invasion games, gymnastics and dance. 

Musically, in the first half of term, we will explore the genre of Rock. We will be looking at major turning points and influences with our main focus song ‘ Livin on a Prayer’. We will also explore the different beats and key notes within the music, extend our pitch skills and learn to sing more complex songs,  creating a Year 5 band. The second half of term we will explore Jazz and learn about the interrelated dimensions of music through playing instruments and Improvising. All of this exciting and new material will come from our new music support platform Charanga. 

Computing in the Autumn term sees Year 5 deepen their understanding of computing systems and networks. We will look at what the internet is and how it aids different forms of communication. We will then incorporate our publishing skills to work collaboratively on a project with someone else using online tools. We will practise adding pictures and graphs to pages and using shortcut keys to aid speed. Through our online safety sessions, we will be investigating the online world vs the real world and what the term ‘cyberbullying’ means. We will discuss what we can do in different situations to stay safe and happy in the online world. 

During our art sessions we will explore the Mexican surrealist artist Frida Kahlo. We will use her style and apply this to our own self portraits. Not only will we look at proportions, tones and textures we will add in the background in ‘Kahlo’ style using bold representations of our lives.  In design and technology, during the second half of the term we will create a winter cottage using a variety of skills and materials. 

Through our RE sessions in the first half term, we will be looking at the concept of ‘faith’ and how this is communicated to Christians through the Bible. The second half of the term we will be revisiting the Christian story of the birth of Jesus, focusing on the concept of ‘prophecy’ and how this was fulfilled with the gifts of the Maji. 

Towards the end of the term the children will have the exciting and valuable opportunity to take part in bikeability workshops, giving them both the confidence and the understanding of how to be safe when cycling on and near to roads. 


Summer Term 2021

Groovy Greeks – Myths and Legends of the Ancient Greeks 

Who was Madusha? What were the twelve Labours of Hercules?  Orpheus and Eurydice – were they in love? 

Catapulting into the summer term year 5 will be fully submerged into the life, legacies’ and myths of the Ancient Greeks. Leaping on board Percy Jackson’s quests and morphing into Demi-gods, the children in literacy will be fully immersed in creating their own myths, writing their own greek play scripts on the nine-headed Hydra; culminating in the invention of their own heroes and monsters. This will be an opportunity to draw together all those skills that the children have been practising, to really make their stories (and especially their beasts) come alive. 

In numeracy we will be challenging the year 5 Demi-gods to power up their brains by building on their knowledge of Fractions, looking at Geometry and the properties of shape  and decimals and percentages – using their knowledge gained from previous terms to finally consolidate their skills ready to move on to Year 6 . 

Physical challenges the Year 5 Demi-gods will face in PE are striking and fielding, Portsmouth in the Community – Joy of move (practical sporting session promoting healthy diet and an active lifestyle)  and then tennis sessions- making the most of the glorious weather. 

But it doesn’t stop there, the epic journey continues as in gSTEM Year 5 will be exploring the BoomTown First LEGO League and applying their skills building their own accessible town and even making them move using the WeDo2 software.

As the Greek Philosopher Heraclitus said ‘Big results require big ambition’. Year 5 will definitely be reaching for the stars, as the sky’s the limit…

Spring Term 2021

We begin the Spring Term by stepping back in time to meet the Anglo-Saxons. We will fully immerse ourselves into the  ancient challenges and beliefs, including the mysteries and superstitions surrounding Sutton Hoo. Through a number of exciting investigations, we will endeavour to complete a quest of Saxon discovery in a submersion of experiences that would make any true warrior proud.

In Literacy we continue to immerse ourselves in Anglo-Saxon culture by reading Michael Morpurgo’s ‘The Sleeping Sword’. We will use this as a basis for our reading, writing and topic work. We begin by exploring biographies and autobiographies, followed by suspense stories and instructional writing. Later in the term we will use our exciting trip to the Stubbington Study Centre as stimuli for persuasive adverts, balanced argument and letter writing.  

In Art we will look at and design traditional Anglo-Saxon outfits before we begin looking at decadent Saxon jewellery. We will use our metalwork skills to make a piece of wearable art. We will also explore the works of Banksy and towards the end of the term take inspiration for a watercolors project from Alison Lapper the famous mouth painter.

Continuing to stretch our knowledge we will cover a variety of topics this term in maths. We begin with multiplication and division, leading into area and perimeter; finally finishing with fractions, decimals and percentages. All of these areas in our learning journey will incorporate application in a practical way, even designing our own animal enclosure as we explore the area and perimeter.   

Within gSTEM we will be investigating and helping to tackle the local flooding crisis. following our STEM wheel we will think, research, plan, design and create our defence barrier designs and the closing half of the term we will be investigating global goals. 

During ICT and Computing we are entering the world of digital media and exploring the architecture of Sir Christopher Wren. Using Sketchup we will be creating our own designs based on his famous building. Furthermore, we will become bloggers allowing us to share our amazing experiences at Stubbington Study Centre. 

In PE we will be embarking on Tag Rugby and health related fitness activities.These essential skills will help us persevere with our running endurance, aiding us with our Gomer Mile Goal. 

Our long awaited visit to the Stubbington Study Centre will happen this term where the fun and outdoor learning opportunities are memory making. The adventure in Year 5 just never ends.