We love our school and are proud of the children and their many achievements. Team Gomer are keen to introduce you to our junior school community within the GFM. On November 8 2021 we launched our 2022 Starters Open Day video. You can watch it here:

The application process for September 2021 junior school places opened on Monday 01 November 2021.  Applications were due by Sunday 15 January 2022. We are aware that choosing the right school for your child was an important one.  Parents/carers were notified of school places for Gomer Junior School on Friday 15 April 2022. Gomer Junior continues to be a very popular choice for our local families!

Team Gomer are really looking forward to getting to know our new families. We are delighted that there are many familiar faces in the new cohort. We are aware that transition can be a daunting experience for any child, regardless of age, so we work hard to ensure that the experience is as smooth as possible. The transition programme will reflect the COVID-19 landscape we live in, but, provide opportunities for children to get to know Gomer Junior School – some will be online and we are aiming for some to be in person. We endeavour to be in touch with our families by the end of April, highlighting how we will support your child with their transition to Gomer Junior School and to provide you with necessary and relevant information.

Transition 2021 (Transition 2022 TBC in the Spring Term 2022)

To help your child with their transition we have:

  • created a welcome pack which we intend to send home on Friday 30 April. This includes a ‘coat of arms’ for each child to return to the school. A year group display will be made in the hall.
  • built a transition website 
  • In place of a welcome meeting we have prepared a 360 tour, inclusive of videos and audios, of the school
  • w/b 29 June: organised a transition letter which will be e mailed home with Google Classroom log-ins which can be accessed for familiarity ahead of the September start
  • w/b 5 July: planned Google Meets, in groups of 6, out of school day so that parent and child can meet with the Class Teacher – timings and dates TBC
  • Created Google Classrooms for:
  • 1 July – links to 360 Tour – to navigate at your leisure which includes key information and staff appearances
  • w/b 5 July – access to online transition activities to prepare for the onsite visits
  • Committed to ongoing support with Google home learning throughout their time at Gomer and continue using it if they move to a GFM secondary school
  • Planned outside activities, on-site, w/b 12 July – days and times TBC and in liaison with Gomer Infant and other local infant schools
  • Scheduled times for a phone call home, for those who request one, from a member of Team Gomer w/b 12 July or 19 July

We will do everything we can to support every child with their transition to Gomer Junior. For some, this will be an exciting time. For others, this will be a time of nervousness. Whatever ‘change’ means for your child our established team will ensure that our continued offer is inclusive and will endeavour to meet need. We look forward to working in collaboration with our parents and carers and, the time when we can meet in person.