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The Chair of the Governing Body of GFM Education, Mr Cris Beswick, can be contacted at the following address:-

Chair of the Governing Body
GFM Education
Bay House School & Sixth Form
Gomer Lane
PO12 2QP

Tel: 02392 505202


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Information regarding our new GFM SAAGs

The Gosport and Fareham Multi-Academy Trust (GFM) are launching new groups of non-executive directors, called Ambassadors, to help improve school education.

Ambassadors will join the new Schooling Scrutiny and Advisory Groups (SAAGs) and will scrutinise the schools’ performance to enable every young person to receive the best possible educational experience.

The groups will consist of staff, parents, school leaders and pupils who will be visiting the schools across the trust and could be paid up to £300 a year.

The Scrutiny and Advisory Groups will receive training on how to use the OFSTED framework to analyse the intent, implementation and impact of education provision in the GFM.

Ambassadors will work closely with the Director of Schooling to examine the quality of education, behaviour and attitudes, personal development, and leadership and management within the schools across the Trust.

Ambassadors will join one of two groups. The School Visit Enquiry Group will conduct visits to each school site across the academic year and report back their findings, whilst the Scrutiny and Evaluation group will attend meetings to scrutinise the work of school leaders.

Both groups will provide support and challenge to school leaders to overcome challenges and provide solutions for academic success.

Director of Schooling, Geoff Walls said: “We are seeking individuals with the philosophy, time and commitment to help to ensure every young person, whose education we are entrusted with, receives the best possible educational experience.

“We are seeking representations from a diverse range of people who want to create positive change for young people.”

“I am really excited about this development in the GFM and know that these ambassadors will make a significant contribution to enhancing the education provision across all of our schools.”