Year 3 are taught Miss Chapman, Mrs Carre and Mrs Wheal.

Miss Ford, Miss Lines, Miss Warner and Mrs Prince are our Year 3 Teaching Assistants and Mrs Arnold is our Learning Mentor (LAPS Team).

All children will have a colour banded book and a library book to take home and they will be able to change this every Monday.  We can provide a reading log if you require. Year 3 PE days are Tuesday and Thursday so PE kit is to be worn to school on these days.

Below is an overview of each term. 


Home Learning – if you need to send anything to school  electronically, please email to:

Summer Term 2021

This summer term Year 3 will be learning about Florida comparing and contrasting our location as part of our geography topic. We will be using all of our new learning to write a persuasive text, create an information map and leaflet. In literacy we will be using Pie Corbett’s Nightmare Man and The Caravan to create suspense stories, using figurative language to enhance our writing skills.We will develop our understanding of paragraph structure.
In maths, we will continue to improve on our mental arithmetic skills and multiplication facts x10,x5,x2,x3,x4 and x8. We will be converting measures in length,weight and capacity. We will be learning about 24 hour clocks and Roman numerals will also be a focus, this will be linked to work on time.

In PE we will be developing our athletics skills aiming to improve our personal bests. Outdoor PE will be taken by a sports coach this half term, we will be learning striking and fielding game skills such as rounders and cricket. This will develop collaboration skills in team games.

Art will be based around the artist Georgia O’Keefe in particular her close-up paintings of flowers. This links to our science work as well. We will use a range of mediums such as watercolours and pastels. In RE this term we will study the concept of remembering by learning about Krishna and the concept of symbols by looking at trees. Computing will continue to build on our keyboard and programming skills using the program Scratch.

In Science we will be looking at the life cycle of plants, what conditions they need to grow. Planning experiments to test our predictions.We will also learn about animals, including humans, what they need to grow, linking to healthy eating. Our gSTEM will focus on the importance of bees in food production. We will be looking at bees and this
will link to our science work on plants.

Spring Term 2021

This term Year 3 will be learning about the Ancient Egyptians in our ‘Walk like an Egyptian’ history topic. We will step back in time to find out how the Egyptians live and find out what fantastic engineers they were. We will be using all of our new learning to write a persuasive advert to sell a tomb, creating our own myths, and step into the shoes of the famous Howard Carter and write a diary entry of his tomb discovery. As well as
this, we will mummify a fish to enable us to write a set of detailed instructions.

In maths, we will continue to improve on our arithmetic skills,and multiplication facts will still be a priority.Telling the time and using calendars will also be a focus. In PE we will be devising a dance routine based on a day working and living by the River Nile. Outdoor PE will be playing net and racket games this half term, focussing on developing their hand eye coordination. This will be led by a coach. Art will be based around our Egyptian topic with tomb drawings and making clay amulets. We will also study the art work and patterns of the famous artist and architect
Hundertwasser. We will study the festival of Holi in RE this term and the Easter story. Our No Outsiders books will be We’re all Wonder by RJ Palacio and This is our house by Michael Rosen.This stories enable us to discuss equality, and what discrimination means. In computing we will continue to build on our word processing and typing skills, by creating a digital presentation about the Egyptians. We will also be learning how to use
the internet safely as a research tool. We will also be using technology to showcase our writing. Recording our adverts using the Ipad software.
In Science we will be looking at forces and magnets and their uses in the real world.We will also be finding out about how shadows are formed and creating our own shadow puppets. gSTEM will focus on global solutions and we will be looking at flood resistant homes and floating gardens how the people in Bangladesh have had to engineer different designs to solve their real-life problems. We will use our design and technology skills to make models of our solutions.

Autumn 2 2020

This term we will carry on SPaG lessons recapping the basics of language beginning with noun, adjective and verb recognition, understanding adverbs, pronouns, inverted commas, conjunctions and prepositions! SPaG lessons take place on Monday and this is reinforced during the week in literacy lessons and guided reading sessions.

Maths this term will focus on the 4 rules of number, fractions, right angles,2D and 3D shape. We will continue to have an arithmetic test and 5 minute times tables challenge every Friday.Parents and carers can support their child at home by practising times tables as they are required to know all their times tables by the end of Year 4. 

We will be continuing The Stone Age where we look more closely at famous landmarks in Britain made by ancient civilisations. We will learn how life was for early man from researching artefacts discovered.Then we will be learning about volcanoes and earthquakes linking this to our science topic of Rocks and Soils.We will be using the knowledge we learn to write instructions, explanations and information texts in literacy.

In Religious Education we will be at the Madonna and child leading up to Christmas and the concept of Holiness. As part of our diversity and equality teaching we will use the book Blown Away by Rob Biddulph. The focus will be about being able to work with everyone in class.

gSTEM started with the Dyson engineering project and in particular, new ways of improving everyday objects such as the fan. We also looked at the qualities need in STEM, using the engineering habits of mind (EHOM) . This half term we will link our soil learning with the Pumpkin challenge which looks at how the people of Bangladesh grow crops in their sandy soil during the dry season. How STEM has helped to solve real life problems around the world.

In art we will be focusing on paint mixing and creating our own portrait of Madonna after looking at how other artists have portrayed her in their work.