Alongside children across the school accessorising their uniform with a Roald Dahl theme, on Friday 23rd September we were joined by artist, Sandy East, to help celebrate the eternally brilliant Roald Dahl.  A group of enthusiastic Year 4 and 5 artists joined our resident artist to help bring some of Mr Dahl’s wonderful and weird friends to life. It was a joy from start to finish and our artists highlights include:
1) ALL of the children who didn’t know they were taking part in the project walking into the room and declaring “that’s Roald Dahl!” when they saw the painting of the big man waiting for them on the wall.
2) The children chatting as they painted about all their favourite Roald Dahl books and their favourite characters and trying desperately to convince me to squeeze more characters in. “But what about The Twits? Fantastic Mr Fox? Willy Wonka?”
3) One child giving me a particularly special look when I asked her what Roald Dahl books she had read. Her reply: “Well…all of them, Sandy!”
4) Various children walking past the room and sneaking a look at the images and then talking animatedly about all things Dahl amongst themselves.
5) Talking to other adults about how we love Dahl’s championing of the underdogs and the relate-ability and longevity of his stories.
This was one of Sandy East’s most favourite art projects ever! Thank you Sandy – we really enjoyed working with you.

26th September 2016
Category: Whole School