Character education helps any one school build and maintain a culture of values and character development. Recognising this as very important within the lives of our young people, for the past year, the GFM Primary Phase have been developing ‘character development’ opportunities and weaving this across our curriculum in order that they are taught, caught and sought.

How is ‘character’ delivered in the GFM?

  • Character Taught: integrated across the curriculum. Excellent staff training to develop confidence, skills and commitment
  • Character Caught: modelled character, staff responsibilities, relationships and social interactions, compassion and kindness in abundance. Quality of communication is paramount.
  • Character Sought: children actively developing character need the opportunities to challenge themselves – community service, collaboration, leadership, co-curriculum opportunities


Developing pupils’ character, which we define as a set of positive personal traits, dispositions and virtues that informs their motivation and guides their conduct so that they reflect wisely, learn eagerly, behave with integrity and cooperate consistently well with others. This gives pupils the qualities they need to flourish in our society.