At Gomer Junior School, we recognise that there is more to education than learning  to read and write only. As a school it is important that we promote personal, social and moral values that help us to become good people, who are able to be part of a community. We call these our ‘Learning Powers’.


At Gomer Junior, our Learning Powers have been a core part of our community for a few years now. We have a weekly Learning Power that is shared in our Head Teacher assembly on a Monday and a Learning Power child is chosen and celebrated with the whole school on a Friday. Our Learning Powers underpin everything we do, recognising that without them, our children’s experiences will be limited. We are so proud of the many positive mindsets in our school which we know are attributed to our Learning Powers: thinking, creativity, independence, tolerance, resilience, collaboration and determination.

Take a moment to watch this short video showing how our learning powers are promoted from the very heart of everything we do at Gomer Junior School.