Super Stubbington! Year 5 has had an absolutely amazing three days at Stubbington Study Centre. Today was our final day, and after a very peaceful night, everyone woke feeling very rested and ready for today’s challenges. The children were incredibly independent in making sure their bags were packed and their beds stripped ready for their second room inspection of the visit. The rooms, again, were spotless; the occupants of some rooms were even seen crawling around picking up every tiny piece of dirt that they could find! The children soon started their final activities: Anglo Saxon experience and Amazon Adventure for one group and Earthquake for the other. Earthquake was definitely a favourite activity for a lot of the children and teachers, and the teamwork and communication that the children demonstrated by the end of the activity really was fantastic. Mattie, Harry, Poppy and Luca all received certificates for their teamwork as they really went above and beyond in their teams. After a final lunch it was time to line-up and wait to be picked up. The children were definitely a lot quieter than they were when they first arrived and should hopefully all sleep well tonight – big Team Gomer certainly will! All in all, both staff and children had such a wonderful time, lots of memories were made and experiences ventured that will never be forgotten. The children were superb ambassadors for Gomer, a credit to their families and should be proud of the resilience shown was fantastic. Year 5 should be incredibly proud of themselves. We are sure that they will not be able to stop talking, over the weekend, about all the things they did (after a good rest of course!). And, if they have forgotten the photos and souvenirs might help prompt conversation.

10th September 2021
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