Our Year 6 pupils used their creativity to design and engineer Green solutions to climate issues facing Gosport through our STEM curriculum.  Year 6 were tasked with with building a Lego model of a tool, powered by renewable energy, to tackle local challenges. The photos below capture their morning really well.

Led by the Year 6 team the event was supported by engineering recruitment company SERT and the Green Energy Hub who are set to work in partnership with the Gosport and Fareham Trust (GFM). The engineers supported the pupils with talking through their designs. SERT are hoping to develop the skills pupils will for the green jobs needed to to meet the government objective of being carbon net zero by by 2050. SERT engineers were on hand to give students tips while building their renewable energy sources at the event held at the Gosport STEM centre on Friday 16 July. Pupil Wendy and her team created a machine which uses energy from waves to pick up plastic from the sea. She said, “We live by the coast so it is very important that we look after the sea and all our marine life friends. At Gomer we have the Engineering Habits of Mind which help us to develop our creativity when it comes to approaching STEM projects.”

Fellow pupil Ayden added, “I really enjoyed this project because it allowed us the freedom to be creative and come up with our own ideas.”

SERT engineer Stephen Knight said, “I was really impressed with how the pupils approached the project. It is clear from the quality of the ideas coming forward they have a strong focus on STEM at the school. It was great fun for us engineers to work with the young people because they have such wonderful enthusiasm and ultimately it will be them who have to solve the problems of tomorrow.

CEO of SERT Mark Edwards said: “This is the beginning of what we hope will be an enduring collaboration with the GFM to support learning and help develop STEM skills locally. The talent pool for Green jobs is stretched and if we are going to meet the net zero target for 2050 then we are going to need to develop the skills in our young people. As a company, anything we can do to help the planet we are going to do.”

Mrs Mulhall said, “Gomer have embedded Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) within our curriculum through. Our leading edge curriculum was awarded TES STEM Team of the Year in June 2018. Our pupils are motivated by and understand real world applications of STEM subjects by experiencing hands-on STEM activities that innovate, inspire and bring learning and career opportunities to life. We are fully committed to preparing our children for a future that we are yet to know about. The children enjoyed meeting with engineers from SERT today. The children used their Engineering Habits of Mind to talk through their models which showcased how we can use sustainable forms of energy to address local issues.”

Mr Willis from Bay House said, “The majority of these pupils will join us in the secondary phase at the GFM which means they will continue to develop their engineering habits of mind throughout their education which ensure their best Gosport Futures.”

31st July 2021
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