Year 5 pupils, from both Gomer and Rowner Junior School, attended a session at a local venue today to talk with the Rights and Diversity Education adviser within HIAS. The adviser is advocating for the Rights of the young people in our area by facilitating and strengthening pupil voice across county in a variety of different contexts. The adviser has been commissioned by the Gosport Agencies strategy group to plan and deliver a pupil voice and engagement project with the children and young people of Gosport. We were delighted that Gomer and Rowner were invited to attend. The children were confident, eloquent and keen to share. They were superb ambassadors for our Trust.Areas of discussion included:

  • Priorities/Interests/Concerns
  • Aspirations and hopes for the future
  • Perceptions of Gosport
  • Transition KS2-KS3
  • Lived experience

Our Gomer Ambassadors reported:

Archie – We started off with a headband game where we had to guess each other’s cards. We started off with closed questions (yes or no) then moved onto open questions which included extra details. I learnt that police are also here to support us if we need them in public. They told us they are often asked for directions! 

I feel it is very important to recognise our needs and focus on the ones that are important. Many believe a phone or computer is something we must have but I believe enjoying the outdoors and spending time with family is much more important than using devices. 

Madison – Motiv8 was extremely fun. I learnt a lot about the Gosport community and the area I live in. For one activity, we made pyramids of what we believe we need to survive. It was very interesting to hear and see other peoples opinions and share why they thought that. Towards the end, we thought of different questions we would like to ask children and young people in a survey. My question was “How safe do you feel in Gosport?”. I am really keen to hear the responses. 

Felicity – I had a lot of fun being a part of the Motiv8 project because I was able to voice my opinion and share my different ideas. I learnt that public transport is a key part of our community as a lot of older people rely on this to get to the shops. We wrote down questions that we would like to ask children and young people. For example “Would you change anything about Gosport?”

Daniel – Working at Motiv8 was really fun and interesting. We got to play different games and work closely with a PCSO. He told us that he helps a lot of people and does not just catch bad guys. After the session this morning, I believe it is really important to feel safe in your local community and I did not realise how much of an impact public transport has on the community. 

Ben – I had fun being a part of Motiv8 because I was able to hear other children’s thoughts and meet new people. We played a game where we were given cards with characters and famous people. Others had to guess who we were. We used open and closed questions to help figure out who the person was. I found closed questions easier because you could get more specific questions and answers. I would definitely like to do it again!

9th June 2021
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