Two weeks ago today, we both enjoyed an exciting visit to the STEM Centre for a Pupil Voice Conference. When we arrived, we were very kindly introduced to Mr Potter (CEO) and Chris Beswick (Chair of the Board) with the other fellow students from Bay House, Brune Park and Rowner Junior School.

First, we had to think about our WWWs (What Works Well) and our EBIs (Even Better If). Then we went into randomised groups and discussed these points. Following this, we came back to the whole group and shared our collective ideas. 

Our WWWs:

  • How caring and helpful the teachers explain learning objectives thoroughly and clearly.
  • How we have access to wonderful Learning Mentors, who can support us with key issues and friendship throughout the school.

Our EBIs:

  • Different ability levels for homework. As for some people, the homework may not challenge them as much as it should.
  • A more widened variety in PE and other sports to be taught for future knowledge and a more enjoyable lesson.

When we came back to the whole group we were all questioned on the subject of bullying. We discussed how to look on the other side of the story.

Finally, we discussed the core values of the GFM and what each of them meant to us. These values included: ambition, communication and resilience.

We enjoyed the trip thoroughly and are grateful for being invited.

8th June 2021
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