4RI have really enjoyed their swimming sessions at Brune Park. We are so lucky to have access to this lovely pool and brilliant swimming coaches. The children attended 6 lessons and 4LF can look forward to their swimming sessions from tomorrow. Children in 4RI said (play the video):

Poppy: I couldn’t swim before I started school swimming lessons but now I can! I’ve even learnt how to do backstroke and on my last lesson I managed to swim a whole length of the swimming pool. I was very proud of myself. 
Archie:  I have enjoyed all of my swimming lessons as they have been really fun as well as helping me gain more confidence to become a better swimmer. In our last session I even managed to swim a whole length of the pool which was 25 metres, which made me feel very proud of myself. 
Albert: I really enjoyed my swimming lessons because before that I couldn’t swim very well, however now I feel I feel a stronger swimmer  and I have learnt my backstroke and my front crawl. We even learnt how to dive and pick up objects from the bottom of the swimming pool. That was amazing and I loved every second of my lessons!

Beatrice: I couldn’t swim before I started my swimming lessons however these sessions have given me more confidence in how to swim properly. I really enjoyed learning my backstroke technique and I also really enjoyed the relay races we participated in with our group. But most of all I am so pleased with myself as I managed to swim a whole length from the deep end of the pool to the shallow end.

7th June 2021
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