This week, we took some time to reflect on the past year. Children shared what had changed for them in their lives, which of these changes they found challenging and how others have supported them. Children also discussed what changes they had enjoyed over the past year. For example these child in Year 4 said:

‘I like that I got to spend more time with my Dad because he works from home now and can drop me off and pick me up from school’ Sofia D.

‘It has made me appreciate my family more’ Archie.

‘We have had chance to learn how to use new technology because of online learning. Things like polls, breakout rooms and cahoots’ Lilly.

To remind us of how we have worked together (when together in school but also online when physically apart) we have created a collaborative colouring and to commemorate all of the positives that we have been able to find in this challenging year we have created rainbow sun catchers. The children each planted an iris in the Olympic Meadow outside the school so that each day they can be reminded of their incredible resilience. Go Gomer!

2nd April 2021
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