On this first Wellbeing Wednesday of the term we will be thinking about keeping ourselves safe online. In their Google Classrooms today, the children will have time to discuss and reflect on different aspects of this subject within school in order to build upon their previous learning and in order to develop further understanding, each year group will have their own specific focus. Year 6 will be considering the effects of fake media and social media influencers. Year 5 will be thinking about friendships both offline and online, how they are similar and the ways in which they differ. Year 4 will be reflecting on the importance of taking note of age certification on games, apps and films. And Year 3 will be focussing on what good and bad communication online looks like. Together we can learn to be SMART online!  Team Gomer are available to support our families with providing answers to questions children may have.

13th January 2021
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