We are so lucky to live so close to the beach. Stokes Bay has been quite busy this week, especially on Friday which was the hottest day of the year! The beach is a wonderful place to be when we understand how to stay safe and and have fun without putting ourselves or others in danger. Just before the holidays, Mrs Fry shared the RNLI’s Beach Safety activities and information in our Google Classroom. Missed this? Perhaps have a look to make sure you and your family can have fun and stay safe at the beach this summer. Our fabulous GAFIRS, based in Stokes Bay, do lots to keep us safe. They are very clear about the importance of water safety and avoiding toys such as inflatable dinghies or paddle boarding, for example, without a buoyancy aid. You will see lots of people sailing out from Stokes Bay sailing club in wet-suits and buoyancy aids which keep you safe and warm in the water. You can wear these for any water play. Enjoy your time on the beach but please stay safe.

2nd August 2020
Category: Whole School