Today is fabulous for many reasons, including:

  • the weather is glorious. We would normally host end of year water play in the Gomer grounds, so please do find some time to play outside and get wet at home today.
  • it is the end of the academic year and despite us not all being at school, we have redefined how we learn and operate as a community and should be proud of our many achievements.
  • Team Gomer is very proud of Year 6 who we say farewell to today. Although we are sad to say goodbye, we know they will all go on to do very well at secondary school.
  • The Google Classroom is stopping today but being used to facilitate the Online Gomer Summer Camp from Monday of next week. This is for all our pupils and those joining us in September. So, if you need some fun activities every week, please do visit your Google Classroom.

This is all wrapped up into our Fabulous Friday assembly which will appear in the Google Classrooms at 10.30am today. We also say goodbye to Mr Potter today after 18 years of service at Gomer Junior. Do watch the assembly to see our second farewell message of the week. Wishing you all a wonderful summer. Stay safe. Go Gomer!

17th July 2020
Category: Whole School